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freshly-baked on-site by BARE BITES

Bare Bites: an Artisan Sourdough Bakery

by Nathan Crawley-Lyons


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Even as a young child, I really enjoyed cooking. At home we had a large family cookbook and I would often search out the recipes for making Victoria sponges, shortbread and pancakes. Looking back, I can now see it was just a way of ensuring that I got a regular supply of cakes! As I have grown up my tastes have changed and I now enjoy the creative challenge, the textures and the sense of theatre which, comes from transforming simple ingredients to healthy and wholesome food.


At the centre of Bare Bites is baking, because when I am hungry, bread is my go-to… actually, just when I want something to eat! Real bread is great on its own, but also goes with so many different other foods either centre stage or as an accompaniment. Plus, there are so many different combinations with different tastes!


Bare Bites is about natural, organic and good quality ingredients, that are combined together, complimented with handmade baked goods to provide treats and meals that are tantalisingly delicious.

Find delicious fresh breads from Bare Bites at Ribizli Cafe daily - while stocks last!

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